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ARTIST: L. Kamps
Legostar Galactica
WRITER: D.M. Jeftinija

July 11 2008

Yeah, site design still a little behind.
Two new pages though. Three more to go and then we're done this chapter. Then all I have to do is assemble the other parts and the print book will go up for sale.
Hooray, we're finally going somewheres!
Lego will be pleased. XD

<3 Pimp

02/06/06: Update! Not a lot of writing in this one, so not much to say, other than "yippie! an update!"

01/27/07: Well we've finally launched! Here is the cover to the first issue of Shenanigan, or rather #402 of Dark Avenger where Shenanigan first appears.


12/31/06: This picture depicts five of the comic's major characters, with Shenanigan at center his mother and father to the right, his antagonist the Dark Avenger and as always THE PUFFIN!

News Updates

June 27 2008

Sorry about such the longass wait between updates. The entire chapter is drawn, just needs scannination. It's a trip putting the first page and the last page next to each other. Shenanigan is, what, one and a half years old now? That's a long time, and in that time my art's done quite a jump.

SHENANIGAN! can now also be found on laurelVISION, leaving its ComicGenesis site as a mirror site in case things go wrong.
We love you CG, you have been awesome to both of us. But since Pimp bought laurelVISION for her portfolio and for, we figured Shenanigan might as well join them.
Anyone with bookmarks should change them to, although as we said, the CG site will remain.

Thanks for sticking around! :D

Shenanigan is a LegoPimp Production. Rights to all characters are copyrighted by LegoPimp, any attempt to usurp said characters without permission will be punished by having rabid weasels shoved into the person's pants. If they do not wear pants, pants will be provided.

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